60 Minutes To Calm Your Anxiety

You have a right to be overwhelmed. It’s getting tough keeping your sanity when there is so much information reaching us on the daily. The sad truth is, our brain hasn’t evolved as much as we’d like to think. Deep down we are still hunters and gatherers. We have to live our own lives. It’s hard enough.


But with social media, global news, we tend to live thousands of lives simultaneously. So, in this edition of 60 minutes, we’d like to look at how you can live a less chaotic, less stressful life.


A word from the wise

motivational speaker


If you have followed any motivational speaker, you probably have heard of how important it is to start your day right . Simplify as much as you can. Automate and remove what is not needed. Make sure the first 60 minutes of your day is meant for you.


Days pass by quickly. What we do have is 24 hours that we get to choose how we spend. Rich or poor. 24 hours. Hours that will be gone before you know it. That’s why your morning is crucial.


You can read. Meditate. Exercise or go for a walk. Have breakfast with your loved ones without rushing through the door. Set your own rules. I’m not here to tell you what’s best for you. I have my own life. And so do millions of people you see on TV and social media. And you have got yours.


Daytime anxiety

Daytime anxiety


Taking care of your mornings, focusing on yourself instead of fixing the world is good. But we know that anxiety strikes at any time of the day. What do you do? You may not even have 60 minutes to calm yourself if you’re in a middle of the work day.


If anxiety attacks are frequent, but not as severe that you would consider going to the doctor for, make sure you do three things:


Prepare a song that calms you down (suggestion : Edvard Grieg “Morning Mood”  and headphones).

Practice breathing. Seriously. It will work much better if you develop a daily practice of 15-minute-deep breathing.

Develop routines. Whether it’s 60 minute morning routine, or even playing low-stakes live casino online when you come home. It doesn’t matter. Routines are predictable and thus, give us comfort. So, in an event of an anxiety attack, think about your routine. Play it in your head over and over again.


Please note, this is not medical advice. If you are having anxiety attacks, you should always consult with a professional.


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