My Favorite Infographics of 2017

Today, I want to share a list of great infographics I think everyone should look at.

Being a huge fan of infographics, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting ones that can help us understand a little better what’s around us.

I hope you like the one I chose for you!

1. The Anatomy of a Graphic Designer

Many of you know I have a thing for design and I am a bit of a geek. So, don’t be surprised if I think this infographic by Trendland is SCARY accurate!

Graphic Designer Infographic

2. Hard or Soft?

I have been fighting for weeks to understand whether my next luggage should be a hard-sided or a soft-sided one. Luckily, I found this infographic by Steven Saunders to help me.

I bought an hard-sided, f***ing expensive Samsonite.

Hard or Soft Luggage

3. 8 Ways Video Games are Good for You

The website Ace of Brains published this OUTSTANDING infographic to show the benefits of video games. You can use it every time someone tell you that you play a little too much.

Video Games infographic

4. Great White Sharks

I love sharks. I am a huge fan of the King of the Sea and I find this infographic to be a great starting point to know a little more about these fascinating animals. Boy, do I love the National Geographic!

Sharks Infographic

5. Know Your Drink

This funny little artwork by Winefolly is the simplest way to know what’s inside the drinks we order when we go out.

I’m all for the Japanese Slipper. What about you? Do you feel like Sex on the Beach or is it a Cosmopolitan time?

Drinks Infographic

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