Great ways to spend 60 minutes

So you’ve suddenly got a free hour and are wondering what way in which to spend your bonus time? Here are a few suggestions.



If you live a busy life, balancing a hectic home and work schedule you could benefit from just switching off and zoning out. You don’t need to go to sleep, but meditation or simply sitting and thinking can give you a bit of a boost.


Conversely if you sit a lot in your daily routine you could do with some motion to avoid feeling stagnant. Going for a nice walk would be a good way to achieve this. You could run or do any other kind of exercise too, but if you only have an hour you’ll also have to factor in changing clothes and showering.


Read a few chapters of that book you started or a couple of magazine articles. Reading stimulates the brain and is a great way to switch off from the rest of the world for an hour.

Listen to a CD

music cover

Music is a great way to relax. It can stimulate certain emotions and release endorphins which make you feel happier. Actually sitting and listening to an audio CD rather than playing it in the car or while you’re doing something else can lead to you experiencing your favourite music in a different way.

Tidy the house

Not the most exciting use of time, but if you’re always busy that pile of dishes in the sink won’t wash itself. It’s surprising the amount of domestic chores that can easily be achieved in an hour.

Tidy your inbox

Everyone receives a lot of email. You might have an inbox full of unanswered email, things of interest and assorted advertising messages. You always say you’ll do it later, but never find the time. A free hour is a good way to thin out and respond to emails.

Plan a holiday

vacation plan

It’s important to have things to look forward to and researching a holiday online is something you might not always find the time for. Flights, hotels and attractions can all easily be researched and booked in an hour and you’ll feel great for doing it.

Watch TV

An hour is plenty of time to catch up on the latest episode of that show you always record but rarely find time to sit and enjoy properly.

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